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Arts and Education is such a broad field that it can be really tough to switch from the certain mind-set you need to be in for one subject into another completely new mind-set for your next subject. Thinkswap aims to reduce this problem by offering to you our huge set of student submitted ECU arts notes and ECU education notes.

The advantage you get from using our materials is that because all of our content is written by students who have completed the very subjects that you’re working through right now, you often get a more complete and fuller understanding of the content and context of the information in your coursework. In addition to that, the brain sees the different presentation style as entirely new content. Therefore, it is instantly more interested in processing and remembering the information for future use, when compared to revising old notes that it’s already processed a hundred times over.

Once you start studying smarter with Thinkswap, you’ll never look back. The difference between using our student submitted ECU arts notes and keeping your old study patterns could be enormous. It’s a great time to find out the impact that Thinkswap can have on your results.

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Lincoln Six Echo

This student studied:
Edith Cowan University - ARTS1011 - Arts Storytelling

It is a story that examines the human condition and what it means to be human. It is an adaptation of the feature film, ...

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